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Welcome to week 2 of ‘Random & Relevant’.

An interesting visual comparison show casing all of the different ‘jobs’ that our mobile phones now take care off.

Are you planning on revamping your office decor… or fitting out your new startup office… do it with Post Its (if you have loads of spare time)

We’ve kicked off a few exciting projects with eircom this week and we are adding the final touches to version 2.0 of our latest startup – Glimmer, which will be released very soon.

Our most listened to TUUUNNNEEE of the week comes from Fear Of Dawn – Alright (Doorly Remix)

Our Instagram account of the week goes to Singer Vehicle Design – check out their amazing work.

Check out  if you would like to get paid faster.

If you are building a new startup, please get in touch… we’d love to hear from you

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