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Welcome to out first week of ‘Random & Relevant’, where we share our random thoughts, findings and interests of the week.

Ever wondered how your name sounded as a drum beat?

With September fast approaching, we’re eagerly awaiting the launch of the next iPhone 6+s (or what ever they decide to call it). Rumours has it that Apple are also releasing a new iPad Mini.

We are excited to announce that Glimmer will be going live in 2 weeks with several new updates and tweaks… thank to all of you for your feedback and help.

We’ve also kicked off a new project with yet another new exciting startup in London this week. Stay tuned for more details.

Our most listened to TUUUNNNEEE of the week comes from Julio Bashmore ft Sam Dew – Holding On

Our Instagram account of the week goes to Neil Cruickshank and his amazing classic automobiles.

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