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mosaic have tried and tested thousands of tools, apps and software over the last 15 years. While we are renowned as the leading app development company in Ireland, we continuously thrive to improve our organisational and productivity skills, with each app project that we undertake.

While organisational, productivity and communication skills are key to running a successful business, you need to strike the right balance!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tools that every business should be using:

01 – splink (simple payment link)

splink has transformed how we manage our payments and improved our project management. splink enables us to send a simple payment link to our customers so that they can drop a payment directly into our bank account in seconds, removing the need for wire transfers, cheques or face to face meetings. Not only does this make it easier for our customers to pay us, (and speed up their project), but it also allows us to focus on their project instead of waiting on and chasing payment. splink also significantly reduces our admin work – If a customer forgets to pay us, splink sends out gentle reminders and issues an automated receipt upon payment.

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02 – Trello

We’ve tried numerous project management tools over the last few years and Trello tops the bunch. Trello enables us to organise our projects into various different boards and to-do lists. We can invite different teams and clients to each project board, and assign specific tasks to each stakeholder. Thanks to Trello’s visual user interface, it’s effortlessly simple to update and move and tasks. Trello is highly flexible and enables you to build and structure each board inline with each project. Their iOS and Android app makes it easy to update each project when you are on the move.

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03 – Jobbio

Our teams are constantly expanding, with a new hire every month. Whether it’s a new App Developer, Account Executive or a Project Manager, Jobbio provides us with the right tools to streamline our hiring process. Jobbio is a great way to showcase your company and give potential candidates an insight into your culture and workplace. When you post a job on Jobbio, they distribute your job across numerous different channels ensuring that your job gets maximum exposure, attracting a large pool of talent. You can view, shortlist, organise and message your talent straight from the dashboard.

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04 – Google Drive

We use Drive as a reliable safe haven for all our work documents, but the real benefits are seen when our teams are working on a collaborative document or contributing from a remote location. Drive is a simple cloud storage platform bundled with a variety of handy features that many associate with Microsoft Office. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can all be saved, viewed and edited on any device once you login. The best part: files can be shared with ease and numerous users (clients or team) can work on the same document simultaneously with changes visible in live time.

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05 – Skype (we don’t use Slack)

One of the early players in the field of online communication, Skype is sometimes overlooked in favour of more complex competition. Skype’s benefits are in its simplicity, but it is more than just one-to-one video calling. Skype has a great instant messaging feature (and it doesn’t delete your hisotry like Slack). It also has a robust video conferencing option that seems to be more reliable that it’s competitors. For us, Skype is the backbone of our team communication and its simplicity ensures that collaboration is clean, efficient and free from unnecessary distraction. (*ahem…Slack).

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