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How much does an app cost?

We are asked this question multiple times a day, by everyone from small startups to large international organisations.

The answer is; it depends. Not the most satisfactory response to receive but the truth is there are a lot of variables. So how do you go about getting a more straightforward answer? By outlining the criteria that you have in mind!

We’ve put together a little list of deliverables and subsequent variables below. If you approach developers knowing what you need from this list you will have a much easier time getting a quote.

App Development Deliverables

iOS Development

Android Development

Web App Development

(a desktop version of your mobile app)

Web Admin Development

(admin control panel for your app)

Promo Website

(a website to showcase your app and it’s features)

App Development Variables

User Authentication

do your users need to sign up / sign in?


do your users need to create and save content (data)?

Push notifications

will your app have push notifications?


will your users need to use their camera and access their video and photos?


will your app need to use your user’s location?


will you app need to process payments?

If you are looking for an app development quote call us today, or pop in and say ‘hi’. We have offices in Dublin and London and would love to help you bring your idea to life.