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Week 9 – Random & Relevant

By 19/10/2015August 23rd, 2022No Comments

Welcome to week 9 of ‘Random & Relevant’.

Ready to dive into another week?


13 Apple products that you probably don’t have.

Interior spaces made from unwanted materials, which are left on the street for others to re-use.

A worrying take on how we would look without our third hand.

So if Google’s entire infrastructure blew up overnight, how long would it take their 30,000 engineers and developers to rebuild Google’s full range of products from scratch (baring in mind that they have 2 billion lines of code).

Twitter shares rise 5% due to Ballmer’s stake, while also confirming 336 layoffs (and paying their CEO $12m a year). Square nab top Yahoo exec while they prepare to go IPO. Blood test startup, Theranos are still in hot water as they now only use their own tech for 1 of their 240 tests. Dell acquires storage company EMC for $67 billion. Apple launches bigger MagicPad 2. Optimizely, the leading A/B website testing tool raise $58 million… and you can finally jailbreak iOS 9 (kind of).

We are kicking off a new project with Google this week, while we launched a new website for one of Ireland’s top Wedding Bands last week – Top Of The Popz.

Our TUUUNNNEEE of the week comes from Mauro Picotto (remember him!) – The Whistle (a track that would be so much better without the actual whistle)


Our Instagram account of the week goes to My Interior – the interior blogger without a blog.

We’ve pushed a few new updates to last week. If you are running a business and you struggle to get paid on time or upfront, make sure to take a look at dueio.

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