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Week 7 – Random & Relevant

By 02/10/2015No Comments

Welcome to week 7 of ‘Random & Relevant’.

An amazing video capturing 2.5 years in Ireland, in just 2.5 minutes:


Can Jack Dorsey save Twitter, or can Twitter save Jack Dorsey? Apple kills a few more bugs with the release of 9.0.2! Apple started charging for their music subscription this week – how to stop your subscription! Google / Android passes the 1.4 billion mark of live active devices. Facebook will allow you to set a 7 second video as your profile photo… and last but not least, Kanye is running for president while David Beckham is set to return to Old Trafford… once he finishes touring with his Freddie Mercury tribute band.

So you are involved in a startup, and your co-founders keep adding features and ideas to the product, which keeps delaying the release of your product, which ultimatly delays the most important aspect of a startup – ‘finding out if customers actually want our product’… learn when you should you say no and when you should say yes to the feature creeper.

Many founders decide to develop their business model after they have built their product… which is why only 1 in every 100 startups is successful. Should you focus on building your customer base, and subsequently roll your app out for free, or should you start generating revenue from day 1 with a paid app? 90% of apps on the app store(s) are free, should yours be free?

We kicked off a new project (website) for Verve (The Live Agency) this week, along with few projects for AIB.

Our TUUUNNNEEE of the week comes from Rene Amesz & Mendo – Tribeca


Our Instagram account of the week goes to Ida Skivenes – who likes to play with her food before eating it.

Great to see so many new businesses signing up to this week. If you are running a business, make sure to check it out – dueio.

If you are thinking of launching a new startup please get in touch.

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