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Week 4 – Random & Relevant

By 11/09/2015December 21st, 2023No Comments

Welcome to week 4 of ‘Random & Relevant’.

So you didn’t have 2 hours free to watch Apple’s latest event? Here is a 2 second snapshot that sums up the whole Apple Event:


Are you looking for some cool creative text / font based images? Create your own with’Type To Design‘ – this is what we got for ‘mosaic’.

Google released a new logo last week. Thank you for submitting your votes.
We’ve been working on a new insurance app (QuoteLocker) for the last few months, which is now officially live.
Our most listened to TUUUNNNEEE of the week comes from FK Panda – High At Night

Our Instagram account of the week goes to The Fat Jewish (if you’re not already following him).
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