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Week 20 – Random & Relevant

By 26/01/2016December 21st, 2023No Comments

Welcome to week 20 of ‘Random & Relevant’.
Here’s what push notifications look like when you have 8 million Instragram followers.

Google reportedly paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 to stay as the default search engine. WhatsApp drops their €0.79 annual fee and promises to remain ad-free. Netflix ($45 billion market cap) plans to spend $6 billion on content in 2016. Android has generated $31 billion revenue with $22 billion profit. Citymapper, the transport app raises $40 million. Facebook launches a new app, Sports Stadium, a hub for team and player stats and scores. Spotify acquires Dublin startup Soundwave. Facebook are testing a new multimedia advertising / storytelling format for brands called Canvas. Get ready for a smaller iPhone 6s mini.
We’re busy working on an exciting new project for a new startup in Dublin.
Our Instagram post of the week goes to Michael Murphy Art and his Perceptual Shift.

Perceptual Shift #michaelmurphy

A video posted by Michael Murphy (@michaelmurphyart) on

More updates released for this week, including new and improved ‘unpaid invoice’ reminders. If you are running a business, make sure to check out.
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