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Week 18 – Random & Relevant

By 21/12/2015No Comments

Welcome to week 18 of ‘Random & Relevant’.

The 100 best apps of all time.

Something we look forward to every year… Mailchimp’s annual report.

A look back at Product Design for 2015.

Dropbox announce that they are killing off Mailbox, the email app they bought for $100 million in 2013. Google are set to make driverless cars an new Alphabet Company in 2016. Android Pay launches support for in-app purchases. Hudson’s Bay Company (Saks) is set to acquire fashion website, Gilt for $250 million. WhatsApp shuts down for 2 days in Brazil on judge’s orders. Facebook announces partnership with Uber so that users can hail a cab from within Facebook Messenger. Slack raise an additional $80 million development fund, while reaching 2 million daily active users. 2015 marks the worst year for tech IPOs since 2009.

We’ve just finished building a new app for Poz, a dating app for those diagnosed with HIV. We’ve also kicked off a new app for Vhi, along with completing a new website for – ‘Off The Cuff Luxury’.

Our TUUUNNNEEE of the week comes from Dosem – Right Time


Our Instagram account of the week goes to Destination Wow and their amazing collection of shots from around the world.


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