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At mosaic, we know that real business success is driven by more than just a good product. That is why we offer more than the traditional web development agencies.

Our core strands of business are:


We design, build and maintain mobile apps, web apps and websites.


We invest in early-stage startups, and turn ideas into scalable businesses.


We create our own internal businesses (startups) in our innovation lab.

From day one, we set out to ‘exceed our client’s expectations’. 18 years later, that vision is still our no. 1 core value. Our team consists of designers, engineers, project managers and innovators who have a strong passion for cutting edge tech and business development. 

We specialise in app development, from prototype design to traction channels that lead to rapid growth and investment. But we don’t stop when the product is built. With our continued support and development, we’ve transformed startups from ideas to successful businesses. With our investment strategy services, we ensure that the clients who work with us are equipped with the tools they need to keep going and growing. 

We endeavour to build long term relationships with our clients by sharing our knowledge, expertise and ideas with our clients, to ensure that their product is always one step ahead of their competitors, on a continuous basis.

Here’s a snapshot: 

Stage 01 – Workshop, Consultancy, Design & Prototype

We listen to your requirements carefully and confidentially, discuss what’s involved and advise you on the best approach. We hold various workshops with your team to understand your overall business, and objectives for your project. We advise on the latest technology and trends that you may want to consider, and provide you with different approaches for each feature and requirement, outlining the various costs and benefits with each approach.

Based on the requirements that derive from our workshops, we design and develop a prototype to bring your idea to life. This enables you to visualise your app and gain significant feedback from potential users. You can review your prototype on your devices, and share it with other key stakeholders for further input and feedback.

Once all feedback has been received and implemented, we create a ‘Technical Specification Document’ which outlines all of the specifics of what will be required to develop your app.

Stage 02 – Development

Once you are satisfied with your Technical Specifications and Prototype, we move onto Development. We operate with an agile philosophy and build all features with an open approach so that your project and app can develop and grow in line with your business growth. We have a large ‘elastic’ development team which spans across mosaic and other internal ‘mosaic’ businesses in our innovation lab – 

Stage 03 – Maintenance and Support

Once we’ve built you a great product, we help you build a great business. 

We analyse and identify the best traction and marketing channels to bring your app to market. We advise you on the best strategies to attract users, customers and investors while also handling the management of the development of new features.

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