you have a website... but is it managed?


What would happen if your website files and database were corrupted or compromised? We backup your website and database on a daily basis, and can restore your full website and database to any date.

Server Updates

Are you updating your server with the latest security and performance updates? We analyse and review each update to ensure that your server is not venerable, and is always running to it’s maximum potential.

Software & Script Updates

Most websites are powered by over 50+ different software packages and scripts. New updates are released on a weekly basis. We monitor and update your software to ensure your website is protected against malicious attacks.

Analytics & Optimisation

Do you know which pages on your site attract the most traffic, and which of your pages are losing your customers? We review your website data on a continuous basis and optimise your website so that you secure more customers.

SEO Review & Optimisation

Google and other search engines change their search algorithms on a regular basis. Our SEO specialists continuously review your SEO performance, and adjust your SEO to ensure that your customers find your website first.

Dedicated Support

What would happen if your website went down in the middle of the night or at the weekend? We have a dedicated 24hr support agent who is there to monitor your website and support you with ad-hoc requests.

Security & Protection

How vulnerable is your website and database to malicious attacks. Web technologies are changing are a rapid pace, which can often weaken your website infrastructure. We put measures in place to protect your website and database.

Blog Optimisation

How well is your blog performing? Is your content and keywords aligned with your core business strategy?. Our marketing team will continuously optimise your blog posts to ensure your posts reach your target audience.

Proactive Development & Trends

How tech & web savvy is your team? Are they up to date on the latest tools and trends? We live & breath ‘everything tech & web’ and are first to know about new strategies & tools which will improve your website and business.

Is your website achieving maximum potential?

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